San Francisco Writer’s Conference, Feb. 14-17


I attended the San Francisco Writer’s Conference last year and really enjoyed it. I vacillated about whether or not to return this year only because I’m supposed to be editing Six. It is taking longer than I’d like and when I’m not working on it I’m never sure if I’m procrastinating or taking time off to refill my creative well.

The sessions last year were great, but what made the biggest impression on me was the sense of community. Normally, my peers are invisible to me, locked away in other houses behind other screens.  To see so many published and almost-published writers together in one place was inspiring. I’d have liked to find more sci-fi writers to hang out with, but short of color-coding the badges by genre (hint hint) I had no way of knowing whether the person I sat next to was writing a memoir (answer: everyone) or a post-apocalypse thriller (one guy).

Overall, though, it was great, so I’m in! Hope to see you there.

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