Bawdy Storytelling–Scandalous!

Dixie De La Tour and the storytellers at Bawdy Storytelling are absolutely amazing.


Dixie De La Tour gets tips about human fox hunting from Mistress Liliane Hunt

I’m a little late to the game on storytelling as an art form. I’ve been to Porchlight a few times and found the experience to be very uneven. I was sometimes moved but other times felt like a priest trapped in a confessional, counting the minutes until I could dole out the Hail Marys and get out of there.

Bawdy Storytelling is completely different. Though these are also real people, often on stage for the first time, Dixie’s coaching means every story grabs us immediately and leaves us sated.

When my friend invited me to this event, I was skeptical. Sexual adventure? Was this going to be one long 1-900 call? Oh no. This is your best friend telling you the most amazing story EVER. Yes, an R- or X-rated story but so funny and so true and so horrifying you hang on every word.


Author Nichi Hodgson describing…um…well…there was a guy and there were scissors.

I struggle for hours to find the right word for a short story, and these people are up on stage–no notes–telling beautifully crafted, captivating tales. Thank you Dixie and thank you storytellers: You are my heroes.

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