The Future That Never Was

The San Francisco Litquake opening party? GREAT!

Thanks to the organizers, volunteers, and sponsors. It was a really well done event.

outsideZspaceWaiting in line outside Z Space right at 7pm. This event was sold out so I wanted to get in and get drinks and snacks before the crowd arrived.

lquakepartyZ Space is a gorgeous venue. Dramatic high ceilings and plenty of room for everyone. You can just make out the band, The Mark Growden Trio, in the background. They were really good.

ginI’m not one to gush about a sponsor, but the Hendrick’s gin people went above and beyond. First of all, I theoretically hate gin, but these cocktails were delicious! There was never a line at the bar, and the bartenders were super nice, especially considering there were no tip jars out.

booktable2The Hendrick’s gin “spokesmodel” helps straighten the Borderlands Books table. As far as spokesmodels go, these were quite classy, going for an old-timey vibe rather than the usual “I’m a sexy chick that wants to get drunk.” Plus, they wore tiny hats. I love tiny hats.

JCV_speaks2Author Jean-Christophe Valtat gives some facts about Jules Verne. Isn’t this a great room?

I chatted with M. Valtat later. I was amazed that he flew from France for this event! (His publisher paid). In addition to writing, he teaches. I’m really glad that my “day job” is graphic design. Teaching seems to work for many writers, but I find doing something visual and stepping away from text gives my writing brain time to recharge.

I bought Aurorarama, had it autographed and plan to start it as soon as I finish Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. I need to stop going to author events so that I can catch up.

alanJeanTalkAlan Beatts, owner of Borderlands Books in San Francisco, in discussion with M. Valtat.

Unfortunately the sound system seemed to be optimized for the band, so it was close to impossible to understand what they were saying. Fortunately, this was recorded, so I’ll take a listen to the podcast later.

I met a couple of authors I’d seen speak at Litquake last year, and forced poor Beth Lisick and Arline Klatte of Porchlight to take a photo with me. I’m a big Porchlight fan and am looking forward to “Sometimes it’s hard to be a writer: Stories about doubt, drugs, and determination” on Monday night.

Overall, it was a perfect San Francisco night. I’ve gotta say, in the past few years San Francisco has started to get the buzz of energy I usually only feel in New York city and I’m really happy about this.

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