sslaunchI’m about to send an email to my friends announcing the official launch of The Perfect Specimen. Yay and Yikes!

I’m really glad I self-published this novella. It was a great learning experience. I used Scrivener to create the e-pub files, bought some ISBN numbers to make it official, and uploaded it to Amazon using Kindle Direct Publishing.

Creating the epub files was the most difficult part, mostly because I had an out-of-date version of the software and banged my head against a wall for hours before, duh, updating, at which point everything worked perfectly!

It is cool to be able to click on Amazon anytime and get stats on how the book is doing. Yes, if you are obsessive this could be a problem (reload, reload), but I appreciate having this data and I’ll take the novella’s rising and falling rank with a grain of salt.

The downside of having total control is having total responsibility. Instead of doing any new writing I’ve been designing the book cover, writing summaries and blurbs, getting the email list together, trying to find places that might review it etc. Still, it isn’t really a downside. I need to experience all this so I can decide, Do I self-publish Six, or do I try to find an agent and publisher? I’ll be able to ask better questions now that I’ve brought a book to market on my own.

I’m so excited to have this novella out there! It’s done!! It’s real! Thanks everyone for reading.

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