Spring in the city

A quick update from the attic. I’m hard at work editing Six book one. As you may or may not know, Six started out as one ginormous book. I won’t even tell you how long, but you could have used it and a George R. R. Martin book in a weightlifting class and gotten a great workout.

After much thought, I realized I had to break the book in two. I was hesitant to do this because, a) it would mean more work for me after I was already “done,” and b) I’d coerced a number of friends into reading the book and they liked it and now I had the added worry of messing up something that worked.


You can see my house in the above photo.

Good news: This was absolutely the right decision. Everything I’m doing to book one absolutely needed to be done, but I was blind to this because I had my eye on the grand finale and this was “the middle.” Seriously, it is like I was walking from the living room to the kitchen down a long, dark hall and someone turned on a light and I was like, hey, what’s all this? Where am I? I didn’t know this was a hardwood floor. Check out all these photos.

If the book is too long the characters tend to wander off and eat sandwiches. Now that what used to be the middle is the end of book one, I’ve cracked the whip on my characters and plot and made sure they were hard at work in every single sentence.

I’m so excited about Six!!! Okay, back to work. I’m procrastinating!


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