About the author

mlukemcauthorM. Luke McDonell is a San Francisco-based writer and designer. Her near-future fiction explores the effects of technology on individuals and society, with particular focus on the growing power of corporations and the associated voluntary and involuntary loss of rights and privacy.

Her early sci fi/fantasy influences include Madeleine L’Engle, J. R. R. Tolkien, Roger Zelazny, Anne McCaffrey, Frank Herbert, Andre Norton, Michael Moorcock, and Douglas Adams. Mad Magazine added a dash of sarcasm, and Omni Magazine provided proof that the future was going to be amazing.

Work as a graphic designer at NASA Ames Research Center exposed McDonell to cutting edge research and technology and gave her early access to the internet and connection to virtual geek/tech communities. Design jobs at small software and hardware start ups were exciting and inspiring. Stints at management consulting companies provided a fascinating view from a different perspective.

These experiences contributed to her master’s thesis, “Community as Commodity, Citizen as Consumer,” which explores gated communities in virtual and physical life.

McDonell’s marketing copy graces the pages of many booklets and websites. Her fine art has been featured in San Francisco gallery shows, and her travel photographs appear in the current issue of (t)here magazine.

McDonell seeks representation for her debut novels, and welcomes agent inquiries.